Shythawk Rally

I attach an image of my Shythawk rally badge. This is yet another rally I have little recollection of, other than I went on the back of my brothers Honda CB650KZ.

I seem to remember the rally site was in Devon and the town of Totnes comes to mind! I think the year must have been about 1979. I know it was a spring or summer rally.

If I'm honest we spent most of the weekend in pubs in the town and riding around the glorious Devonshire countryside.

Was anyone else at this rally that can help jog my memory?

Here is a photo of my new Derri Boots. They feel like the Derri Boots that I had forty-odd years ago (they still make you feet sweat like mad if you wear 'em long enough). They are comfortable though and completely waterproof.

- Ian Shaw