Solent Rally

Organised by Solent MCC on 4th September 1981.

This was always a quiet rally, held in a wood not too far from Southampton. I was never sure how many people attended, as there were pockets of tent throughout the woods, but I made sure I camped not too far from the marquee & entrance, so I didn't have to negotiate too many obstacles each way.

I remember one year, it may have been this one, a newly arrived rider was looking for his friends and he asked me if I had seen a camouflaged tent. My reply that if I had seen it, it wouldn't be very well camouflaged, was met with a rude word!

Saturday morning, a group of us left for a day at the seaside, where we saw a scooter so laden down with mirrors and headlights that I didn't reckon much for its speed or fuel economy. We got bored with this after a few hours, so headed back to the site, where the games were just finishing. The night proceeded with much beer, music, beer and merriment (and maybe some beer).

I don't think it rained all weekend, which was a nice change.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley