Solent Rally

14th September 1984 - Solent MCC

This was the 15th Solent Rally and second time the year was incorporated in the badge. It looks like that was the end of the year bars! Whether this is a good thing or bad is down to personal preference, but each year would take up more precious badge space on our jackets.

Very little of note happened on Friday, apart from a couple from a local club coming back from getting married and not getting covered in beer. I can't remember if they spent the night there, or were just passing through and wished to celebrate a little with their friends that weren't able to get to the reception.

I don't recall it raining on Saturday, but at least some of the games were held in the marquee. I'm sure the rest went off successfully as well.

A handful of girls decided to expose their upper bodies to the baying crowd in the evening, one of them later removing pretty much everything, as she and, apparently, her other half, enjoyed her doing.

Lez Lumps had a successful night selling Rally Review magazines and the rest of us partied on through to Sunday morning.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley