Sweed' Bashers Rally

The Sweed Basher in 1979 was the first rally I ever attended. I found out about it through the Solent SMCC which I was a member of. The run down there on the Friday night was a very wet and, by the time we got there, a very foggy night. We nearly rode straight past the Clay Pigeon Cafe as it was at the time. Spent the Saturday exploring the local area then spent that night in the beer tent watching people climbing the main poles and listening to various rock songs. Drank too much because the latter part of the evening is a blur.

- Derek Haycock

That is the bit of rallying that we all remember . . . the blur at the end of the night.

Start of quotation The 1980 Swede Bashers rally was held in the west country (cannot remember where) in a field with a cafe where the entertainment was held.

I cannot remember the beer being much good and we were treated to a DJ playing disco music. I think they changed the venue for the next year.

I remember Pete saying that him and his girlfriend were going on a camping holiday in the area in January! It was October when the rally was held and it was freezing then. End of quotation

- Dave Ranger

Start of quotation Just found one of the badges, minus the date bar, with my metal detector in a field near Wells. End of quotation

- Nigel