Tribute to Dragon Rally

Held by the Oxford club a few weeks after the Dragon as a tribute to the great rally.


- Polly

Normally held between Oxford and Swindon.

A traditional style rally, on a large field, with competitive, fun games on the Sunday, like pig sticking on bikes etc.

I remember my party piece here. Set the throttle on the BSA A65/WATSONIAN outfit, screw down the steering damper on a full left hand lock, start off on the bike then cross into the sidecar and pretend to read a newspaper. What a plonker!

Only went a couple of years.

- Polly Palmer

Start of quotation The oldest Tribute to Dragon rally badge image in my collection dates back to 1964 and I've never seen a Tribute to Dragon badge dated prior to this date. However, the very first Dragon Rally took place in 1962, so it's entirely possible that the Oxford S.C.C may have organised a rally as a 'Tribute to Dragon' as early as 1963.

A member of that club at that time would certainly be able to confirm this.

I am unsure as to the date of the last Tribute to Dragon Rally, although what is certain is that this meeting was still being held as late as 1968, as you can see in the rally pictures below taken that year.

End of quotation

- Jean-Francois Helias

Start of quotation Nice to know folk are still around from those way back days.

How about The Tribute '65 and these V twins? End of quotation

- Philip Ross

Start of quotation The EYH750 bike is alive and well and now lives in Germany, one of a batch of solos supplied new to Scotland Yard in 1938. End of quotation

- Heather MacGregor

Start of quotation Ken Matt, who owned EYH750, was mates with Mike Holben. They both did Lands End Trial on MX80 petrol tube outfits!

Mike went as far as asking GB for any tips. George asked Mike what he was riding. When told he just said "You are fucking mad". End of quotation

- Dave Clark