Walpurgis Rally

Organised by Sorcerers MCC - First, 19 April 1986

Although it was a standard size, the badge was a lovely weighty item, probably of some base metal, which I felt fitted in with the Pagan/Alchemical design.

This was my first visit to this site, Moat Mount, near Barnet, and I was impressed with the map which wasn't to scale and was rather distorted but had more than enough details on it to locate the entrance.

Once there, you had to follow a path across some grassland to a break in some trees that marked the entrance to the camping area. Although somewhat sloping, it had plenty of flat land for camping from about halfway up and several covered fire pits for the burning of the dead wood to be found amongst the trees. No loo tents were provided as there was a brick sh*t house down the bottom end of the field, although this was probably insufficient for the numbers of users imposed on it. It was certainly showing the strain at some points during the weekend.

Although it wasn't quite the actual Walpurgisnacht, we had a go at holding some revelry on Friday night, and people seemed to enjoy it.

Saturday morning was quiet, the only fun occuring when the band's van, (or it may have been just supplies), turned up, it needed a team of people to help it get up the slope.

The games fitted in with the theme, the most notable of which was the broomstick race, where a team of three held a long pole, or branch, between their legs and had to run a small obstacle course. It was not advisable to be in the middle if your legs were shorter than the others. There was also a broomstick throwing game, which resembled javelin throwing more than anything else.

The evening was eventually around us and music and beer were soon in full flow. The Sorcerers also ran a quite good canteen, but that was not responsible for the eating/drinking contests, which consisted of the usual batches of noxious potions and solids.

One guy, (it may have been Brighton Bob, but I'm not sure*), was there exhibiting his bra and suspenders, but a group of girls, mostly from the Twits MCC, showed him a thing or two, (or three!). The night wore on even after I ran out of film, and even better revelry was achieved.

Bob Davis

Getting out of the field on Sunday was a bit tricky, as the slope down to the gate was a bit slippery in the morning dew, but after that the roads were not too bad and the weather was clear.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation It's not Brigghton Bob...

No tattoos...

No extra nipples... End of quotation

- Anon