Runs 2011

Friday 7 October

With the sun rising on a wet and blustery day I set off across Leicester to meet up with Dave Parry and Bob Nash for our trip to Bracing Skeggy. After sorting out the route we set off with Dave doing the navigating on a route missing out the main roads.

The ride-out started from Thurmaston ASDA where there is cheaper petrol if you can afford it.

We went via the Ermin Way up to Ancaster and through the grounds of Cranwell RAF College, with its magnificent main building and ornate gates, on our way to a stop at Woodhall Spa. After being thrown off a car park by an irate conservative we parked up and went looking for some refreshments. On our search Bob spotted an advert for a Honda 400/4 in a newsagents shop and if the photo was to be believed it looked a nice bike. He debated with Dave whether to acquire it but, after a nice cuppa and toasted teacake at Jane's Tearoom, decided not to. If you ever go to Woodhall Spa try Jane's Tearoom; staff very friendly in a rather cluttered room full of RAF memorabilia - flags, photos, model aircraft. It's opposite the Dambuster Memorial.

The Dambusters Memorial.

Arrived at Skeggy in glorious sunshine but with the normal bracing breeze. Met up with Ian Bower who we had missed at the start of the day. Went for a stroll round the town which was quite busy with its rock emporiums, bingo and bucket and spade shops open.

Ben had suggested we try the fish and chip shop facing the clock tower that his daughters had been to on a run with Honda. Good job he gave us the name because there's eight just in that area apart from the many others in the town.

The Clock Cafe is recommended. If you can find the Clock Tower you have found the chippy.

Fish and chips over we went for a walk to the beach and Dave played Canute but the waves still came in.

With black clouds overhead we started our trip home although we only ever had a few drops of rain in what had been a very good day.

Roll your mousewheel to stroll along the pier.

Need now to give some thank-yous.

First to Mick Ayriss for suggesting the route to Skeggy - Thanks Mick, absolutely brilliant route.

Second to Ben for publicising and chivvying people to attend.

Next to Ian, Bob and Terry Riddle for coming along and (I think) enjoying them. Thanks for your company.

Last but not least, Dave who has finished up navigating on each run. Thanks Dave, Brilliant.

But I have forgotten someone. The person who's flashy black Range Rover with blacked out brains and windows, who decided they would harvest three motorcyclists. Nice car, shame the indicators don't work. And thanks for the split second which saved us from this being our very last club run. I exaggerate not.

Peter Wright