Runs 2011

Tuesday 7 June

Peter Wright (Wishbone), Dave Parry and Bob Nash met up at the McDonalds on the A6 just outside Market Harborough. No rush so there was time for a coffee before the start. Or in my case, a few buns. I was offered a pillion ride and had a choice of two Royal Enfields or a Suzuki. Regrettably I had forgotten to bring my helmet (having seen the weather forecast).

The day had started with cloudless skies but while I scoffed buns clouds rolled in and showers started. Undeterred the lads set off on the direct A6/A427 route and arrived at Rockingham Castle at just gone 12 o'clock. At my suggestion the first thing we did was go into the refectory for a spot of lunch. No sense in being hungry.

We then had a look round the castle apartments. The kitchens were interesting but I was disappointed by the taste of the food on display. Someone suggested it might be made out of wax and plaster. I wish they had added a bit of flavour.

By 2pm there didn't seem to be anything edible remaining so I made my way home. Bob left at the same time to return his RE to its secret hideout. Wishbone and Dave stayed to look round the grounds. I hope they found something to eat.