Cologne Motorcycle Show

This was a splendid end to the 1978 season. The last two riders were lucky to find where we were staying. A lorry shed its load between us as we left the autobahn at Cologne. But we were not superstitious about there being 13 of us on the run.

As well as enjoying the motorcycle show we also took a ride along the Mosel valley and visited Traben-Trabach where a group of us had made friends the previous year.

The Mosel wine was refreshing. The Baverian beer very strong and very necessary with strong goulash soup. We tip-toed back into the hotel at night and crept silently up the stairs. Right at the top of the stairs Wendy Piggott knocked over a huge Chinese urn and it took the other twelve of us to catch it.

- Ben Crossley

Ben Crossley Wendy Piggott Howard Wykes Paul Cripps Steve West Trevor Evans Martyn Evans John Beccles