Lincolnshire and East Anglia

Despite the flatness of the country this area was as popular as any other. Generally we avoided seaside towns after the Mods and Rockers period but out of season trips were always popular.

On one winters run into the Fens we found the clinging fog made progress slow so we turned left off the A47 between Peterborough and Wisbech to explore using the old left/right system. At noon we found a couple of houses and a petrol pump to take on fuel then noticed that the house had a Red Barrel sign in the window. The petrol pump attendent confirmed that the house was licenced and we decided to try it. The door was locked at first but was opened when we knocked and we entered what looked like someones front room. "Sorry, we were told this was a pub." we apologised. But it was. Beer was delivered in jugs and we spent our lunchtime there.


When the tide came in

The one seaside resort which remained popular for runs and for weekend camps was Wells Next the Sea. The first visit was with the Kettering and District lads and we spent the evenings drinking and singing in a private room of the Shipwright's Arms.

We watched lightning striking the masts of boats in the estuary. Because of the spring tides the rain water could not be drained out. As a result we always claimed that Wells Next the Sea has the lifeboat pointing inland.

Taken on a summer trip to Wells Next The Sea showing a group returning from their annual welly cleaning paddle.

The members were quickly making their way through the pinewoods to the Shipwrights Arms before the RSPB team arrived to clean the second hand Castrol R off the seagulls.

The Shipwrights Arms,

On another visit with just three members, Rob Winnett cartwheeled home from the pub to the campsite and next day wondered why he had no loose change left.

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