Yorkshire Moors and Dales

The club camped at Hawes for an August Bank holiday.

A few of us stormed north on the Friday evening. When we headed west on the A684 we faced into the low sun. After a few miles the others shouted for me to stop. They could see nothing except my tail light because their visors were like a lawn with aphids. My tripoint and peaked openface helmet had kept the insects off me.

Start of quotation Just had a thought about the trip to Hawes, do you remember when we went to the Tan Hill pub, when we left I went off like a rocket on my trusty T500 with Gurn on the pillion, Pete & Chris went dirt tracking through a field and fell off, snapping off the gear lever on their bike, a bit further on someone else fell off, I think it was John Cherry but I am not sure. I felt a bit sheepish for a while thinking I was partly to blame. End of quotation

- Taff Evans

The weather was scorching. When we tired of ear'oling on the local roads we found a place where the beck widened into a deep pool ideal for swimming.

Later in the afternoon the spot was found by two young couples who were also prepared for swimming and we watched lazily as they swam on the other side of the beck. "Fifty pence for a bikini top." I rashly offered and to my alarm two of our lads jumped to the challange. I was pleased to pay up gracefully when they returned with Christina's spare top.

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