Bristol and the South West

Easy to reach on the Fosse Way, the A46 or, in later years, the M5.

The return of the SS Great Britain from the Falklands and its renovation struck a chord with the club. We generally visited the docks at Bristol biennially as this allowed time for visible progress.

Martin Sentance adds . . .

Start of quotation On a club run to S.S. Great Britain in Bristol, the run down there was great, but returning, we rode into a summer thunderstorm. The Honda was going slower and slower, and when I stopped to have a look, there were more sparks jumping across to the frame under the petrol tank than there ever were getting to the spark plugs. The main concern at this point was whether or not we would get back in time for a pint at the Fountain in Sileby. End of quotation

- Martin Sentance

Back in 1976 this was the first club run for Shirley Crane and Dave Hill. Shirley wrote a report for the Megaphone and it is reprinted together with a photo of the group.

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