Dave's Pics

Photos from the 60s

Some of Dave Parry's photos.

Devon at Whitsun 1960s

Dave was too late to photograph the young lady in the miniskirt who just walked past.

Lunch Break

Typical club run break for coffee, sandwich and change of perspective.

Monopoly Money

Once abroad Dirty Eddie checks out the monopoly money.

Probably Devon

A very unusual camping trip: Blue skies and no mud.

Continental Tour 1960s

Tony Bradley operating the wind assisted kick start.

Live and Let Live

Members at the Live and Let Live practice spitting into someone's puddin' basin.

Running Repairs

When repairs were needed members would not stand idly by - they actively obstructed.

Wind Ensemble

After a lunchtime pint the members pretend to be a wind ensemble with invisible instruments.

Some of Dave Parry's photos illustrate Derek Foster's account of the 1968 Elephant Rally that appeared in Megaphone without pictures.

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