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After a Jubilee reunion at The Gate Hangs Well in 2011, John Muschialli volunteered to provide more from his photo archives.

Look for the icon at the top right of some photos. Use your pointer to see more of these pictures.


Move your pointer over a face to see the name.

If you don't remember the people you might recall the bikes.

Drying in the morning sunshine.

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Where the face has a number instead of a name, click if you know the name and send it to

Slipped over on the oil.

No-one remembered to bring the fishing rod.

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A quick stop to be measured for a suit.

Tony's well travelled tartan Thermos.

Fast motorbikes are OK but we never could stand heights.

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Is your old motorcycle here? Tell us about it.

Lee Circle, traditional club run start location.

And this is where the run often ended.

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This time they slipped over on cow pats.

Click on a "numbered" head to tell us the name.

Patiently waiting for Tony to get out his tartan Thermos.

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Photo dated by the cars ... and the shirt-and-tie!

Suspecting the photographer has designs on their food.

Matching tartan duffle bag and Belstaff lining

Ron Tunks Rod Hull Brian Gamble Bill Langley Brian Gamble 1 2 3 4 5 Bill Langley 1 Steve Westley 2 3 Bill Marshall 5 6 Ron Tunks Jan Muschialli Rod Hull Geoff Matthews Val Fosberry 1 2 3 Tony Bradley Val Fosberry Keith Fosberry 4 1 3 2 Tony Bradley 4 Bill Langley Ron Tunks Jan Muschialli 1 1 John Muschialli 2 3 4 1 2 Rod Hull Brian Gamble 3 Tony Bradley 4 Jan Muschialli Tony Bradley Roger Greathead Ron Tunks 1 2 3 Tony Bradley Rod Hull Ron Tunks 1 Geoff Matthews 2 Tony Bradley 1 2 Jan Muschialli 3 Roger Greathead