Unknown Brothers

Know Anyone?

Photos provided by Jean-Francois Helias in the hope that you might recognise yourself or friends from long ago.

The first photo scrolls left and right until you hover over it.

Two dozen Brits but the sign in the background looks Continental. Maybe a Partitour?

The next three photos can be zoomed into by rolling your mouse wheel.

These are all BMWs. Does the monument at the top-left give you a clue to the location?

When zoomed in, you can move the photo by clicking to get a grip. Click again to lose the grip.

ACU National Rally 1951. Can make out Fanny Barnet RMM 327 and BSA JUY 238.

Any idea where this is? You may need to ask your dad!

ACU National Rally 1954. What promenade had this roller skate rink?

Start of quotation This is Rhyl seafront End of quotation

- Ted Trett

The following two photos are most likely from the 1960s.

Denholme and District MCC members. Who are they and what race are they watching?

Here's a bunch of coffee-bar cowboys if ever we saw one. Own up if you were in this gang.

If you know anything about these photos, (who, where, when) please click/tap on the caption number to open our Contact Centre where you can add your notes. Send them to is with your name as well as people you identify.