Pete & Chris Vines'

Club Runs and Race Meetings

Pete Vines was Club Runs Captain during the 1970s and we enjoyed riding all over the country to pubs, race meetings, pubs, historical sites and ... er ... pubs.

These pictures are from slides given by Pete and Chris.

Martin Out In Front

Several choices here.

  1. Martin Sentance is well out in front.
  2. Martin is back marker
  3. Martin is going round one way and everyone else is going round the other way.
  4. It's practice.
Chief Mechanic

It didn't take Dave Smith more than a few minutes to figure out a use for Phil Freestone's race bike .....

Adjusting the Timing

....and just to make sure Phil didn't ride off on it Dave throws a spanner in the works.

Al Fresco

They should have guessed that playing cards with the locals at the Live and Let Live would result in losing their shirts.

Who Brought the Car?

If Brian Porter had arrived earlier he could have parked in that spot. Meanwhile Richard Taylor does his Sherlock Holmes impression - or as near as he'll ever get.

Cooling Off

When Dave Stocker said he was going to splash out we foolishly thought he meant with his money.

Wet Jeans

Jane Stocker models the wet jeans and shoes when we hoped it would be the wet tee shirt.


And as the sun sinks slowly in the west we say a sad farewell to days of long ago.

Dave Stocker Paul Jesson Steve White Mike Parry Dave Stocker Jane Stocker Richard Taylor Brian Porter Steve White Mike Parry Dave Stocker Jane Stocker Martin Sentance Brian Porter