Runs and Celebrations


What the club is all about. Motorcycle riding in good company.

Click on the above picture to take a closer look at the ex-members. Can you add any names?

Seafront at the Iron and Steel Rally

This photo from Terry Reynolds was from the Iron & Steel Rally 1975. Paul Dunn recalls that it was taken at Scarborough oops ... Cleethorpes.


Set 'em up and Drink 'em down

Beer tent or pub never mattered much as long as the glasses/bottles/beer mugs kept coming full and emptying quickly.

Judging by the smiling faces these rallies were typically enjoyable.

At the Steel Horse

However there are not so many photos available which show the next morning!

Toy Disco

This photo was taken at a Toy Disco to raise gifts for a local childrens' home. So all the boozing was in a good cause for once!

21st Birthday

Founder members cut the LPMCC 21st birthday cake back in 1982, years ago!

It needs to be a very special occasion to get a member to wear a jacket and tie!

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