Wet Days

There must have been some days when the sun shone on club runs and rallies. Most of the time we seemed to be soaking wet. So what did we do as a change from motorcycling?


No, it was not filled with beer and towed to rallies.

Raft Race

Andy Wagg and Paul Lockwood-Lee well and truly up the creek. but at least they still have their paddles.

Floating Home

Daz Mauger was the first to break into the ship's biscuits.

Safe Ashore

Terry Reynolds and Andy Wagg were stoical about another club outing cut short by a puncture.

The campsite at Wells Next The Sea in company with the Kettering and District. Jim Yeomans adds the following comment:

Start of quotation As a member of Kettering m/c club in the sixties I have similar standard 8 film of being flooded at Wells on a club w/e camp. End of quotation

- Jim Yeomans

Hope you have backed up your 8mm footage to DVD, Jim!

The Israelites never had this problem at the Red Sea.

. . . but the Egyptians certainly did!

Aboard Skylark

A 60s trip to Devon. Brian Porter and 'Gorilla' take control while Ben Crossley pedals.

Andy Wagg Paul Lockwood-Lee 1 Daz Mauger 3 Terry Reynolds Andy Wagg Malcolm Sheppard Dave Fraser Tony Bradley Roy Houghton Malcolm Sheppard Dave Fraser Tony Bradley Roy Houghton Gorilla Brian Porter Ben Crossley