Telstar Camping

10th November 1983 - Telstar BC

Having had a glorious weekend just a few months previously, it seemed perfectly natural to return to the Sir Roger Tichbourne pub in Loxwood, Surrey, for our firework 'spectacular'. Since we missed the 5th November, it was agreed that Saturday would be the light-up time. I am not sure, but I think the bonfire was put off until then as well.

Friday we seemed to have had a normal, quiet, evening in the pub.

The next day, opened with an arrival who, for some reason, was viewed with interest when he was putting up his tent. I can't remember why, but I took a photo of the occasion, so it has been commemorated.

People were exhibiting the devices they had brought along for the evening and the firewood was assembled in the required place, along with even more ex-car seats from the garage next door to the pub.

There was the usual evening silliness in the pub before we exited to let rip with our explosives.

Afterwards we sat around the bonfire in the time-honoured way, discussing things, putting the world to rights, and a bit of dancing to a cassette player.

A bit of a seasonally expected chilly dampness was well in evidence in the morning, but with such a short ride home ahead of us, nobody minded that.

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill