Kent Custom Bike Show

8 July 1988 - Hells Angels MC

Once again I travelled down to Kent in the company of the Sovereigns MCC of Woking, Surrey. In an event of this size it is always a good idea to travel together with your friends, as there was little chance of meeting up in the camping area.

It was quite a normal first night on Friday, with a nice sunset to go with it.

The weather really started heating up on Saturday. There was a Wall-of-Death/Fear, to keep us amused and, of course, the bikes. Two, Three and Five wheeled conveyances of many colours and styles. There were many classic and restored bikes, too, and the twin-fork Norton was there again, with a new paint job.

I was amused at one point when I saw an elderly bicycle rider, possibly a local, who was on something like a Raleigh 'Chopper', looking at the customised 'choppers'.

I hear the Kent Show sometimes suffered from a muddy entrance, but there was no worry of that happening this time.

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill