Velo Rally, Stanford Hall

4th July 2004

The Velo Rally at Stamford Hall has been a Mecca for past members for many years. A good turn out of motorcycles an riders but less of a crush than the VMCC Founders Day Rally later in the month.

Velo Rally

Geoff Lumley came down from Yorkshire with his Velo.

This was the first time we had met Geoff.

Velo Rally

John Ashworth traced Geoff Lumley through Fishtail Magazine after Geoff wrote a piece about his early motorcycling days and mentioned the Leicester Phoenix MCC.

Geof told a few tales involving Ray Barton, Rob Burgess (Budge), Glenda and Eric Bailey. Don't worry, your secrets will be safe with us. . . and everyone else on the World Wide Web!

Velo Rally

John Ashworth in his trademark red Belstaff heads for home.

Despite the audience John started the Velo on second or third prod.

Velo Rally

Rob Winnett brought along son Craig on what Velocette might be making today had they stayed in business and developed the Valiant.

Rob reckons to keep the Piaggio for a couple of years then trade for a Pan.

Velo Rally

Pete Vines was selling the contents of his garage again to further subsidise his motorcycle aquisitions.

That is if he can prise the money back from Chris.

Steve White kept his shades on and tried to look as if he wasn't there. He hid his Norton at the back somewhere.

Helen and Mick Ayriss came hot-foot (on their Velo) from the National Rally having covered 400 miles marshalling (on their BMW).

Velo Rally

Geoff Lumley setting off home to Yorkshire (via Leicester).

Hope we meet Geoff again soon.

Start of quotation Hi. My granddad is in those photos. :) End of quotation

- f

Thanks for the old guy, f. Now send us some photos of you with the old fart and his motorcycle.