Tail End Show

Peterborough, Sunday 16 September 2007

The Tail End Show is firmly established on the calendar as the place to get all the end-of-season bargains ready for next year.

Photos by Sacha

There is almost as much to see in the parking lot as there is in the show.

Ah, here is one biker that Sacha recognises. And he is better looking than most!

Photos by Sacha

It must have been a damn big bug that this bike ran into.

Photos by Sacha

Sacha was not sure if this had stabilizers or the 21st century equivalent of a Sidewinder.

Moped Mayhem: Dust in your mouth, ringing in your ears, hardly hanging on for laughing.

Start of quotation I used to do this in the late eighties when it first started. We always took a camera, a great big 'Lead Parrot' of a thing which took VHS tapes. Still got the tapes.

The best bit was always the party the night before! As soon as the Blues Brothers came on everybody was dancing on the tables and ...

... next day was always a bit of a blurr ... End of quotation

- Betty Sollocks on YouTube

Yep, just like the video!

Sacha Crossley Betty Sollocks