Founders Day

23 September 2007

Founders Day at Stanford Hall was postponed until September due to the wet summer.

Photos by Ben

It was good to meet Les Hobbs for the first time, especially as he brought me some beer from his recent trip to Latvia for the Kurland Rally.

Another bandwidth gobbling video to give you an impression of the autojumble, arena demonstrations and concours bikes. Spot the past members.

Some friends had been and gone by the time I arrived. Ian Goodson, Mary and Benny Caravelli, Rob Winnett, Phil Freestone, Rob Goddard, Eileen, Andrew, Helen and Mick Ayriss were there looking round. John Parbery, Dave Cockerton, Margaret and Ken Wells on club stands. Steve Brown, Colin Hill, Chris and Pete Vines on the autojumble. Me on the cadge. Plus a few present members paying respects.