Motorcycle Show

NEC November 2007

Lots of mouthwatering things on display. Rachel Crossley took a few snaps to bring you the flavour.

This may be a Rocket III but look as we might ...

... we could not find the blue touch paper.

The new touring version of the Rocket III has everything you need ...

... except a towbar for the petrol tanker.

Wonder if these bikes still look as good after the show ...

... when they are covered with sticky fingerprints.

The art of a good custom bike is to emphasise the existing features ...

... or make a mockery of them.

They still make motorcycles that can be ridden by meer mortals ...

... as opposed to posers.

Photos by Rachel Crossley

Rachel promised you the flavour.

... Greek yoghurt & honey, caramel, rum and raisin or mint choc chip?

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