Jubilee Photobook

Leicester Phoenix MCC celebrated its 50th year in 2011. Record the Jubilee with a fifty page photobook of the club history to the present day.

CEWE photobooks are printed pages in a bound book 21cm by 21cm format (that is about 8 inches square to us oldies).

Click the pages to turn them in this mini preview.

Photos include - Blackpool Motorcycle Show Concours winners - Treasure Hunts - Lee Circle club run starts - Club nights at the Rocket - BMF Show Best Local Club Display winners - Camping and Rallying - Guinness World Record - Club night at the Cricketers - National Rally Teams and Controls - RAC/ACU Training Scheme - Big End Rallies - Embers reunions and rideouts ...

Limited Edition really applied to these commemorative books. They were only printed to special order.