Motorcycle Live Show

Wednesday 23 November 2011

On our way to see the Motorcycle Live Show via "lost and bewildered", Bob Nash and Paul Draycott (Dirty Eddie) were my companions on a scenic route to the NEC to enjoy a day of gleaming motorcycles amongst other things.

Bob Nash, Dave Parry, Dirty Eddie, Alan Fletcher, Ian Bower. Wishbone took the photo.

After sitting on a few large and expensive bikes we met up with Dave Parry, Ian Bower and Alan Fletcher. After a brief chat and a coffee we went our separate ways to explore the small but enjoyable show, trying a few riding positions on various bikes and asking at the Norton stand if they did a mobility scooter in their colours.

After a lot of walking round we went for a meal at the Weatherspoons. I only mention this because I think they need reporting to Trading Standards for a meal that was described on the menu as with "side salad". One piece of lettuce approx 1½"x2" was the side salad to go with a costly meal.

Wishbone decided what model he likes but we think the sign should say 1944.

After purchasing a new crash helmet and with lights turned off as if it was last orders at a pub, we thought we would head home after a tiring but enjoyable day.

Dirty Eddie wanted something a bit bigger than his usual OO gauge models.

Thanks to Bob and Paul for a great day.

At long last Bob Nash found the model he would most like to take home with him.

If you want an original let me know where to email it.

Bob Nash Dave Parry Paul Draycott Alan Fletcher Ian Bower