In America

Photos from Vin Allen, our friend from Long Eaton.

Vin in his youth. Vin is now in his 90s and still as sharp as a knife.

I have just had six weeks in Florida with my son. He left England in 1982 and said he was leaving a sinking ship. Well before that time he had got a job abroard, at a firm that hired out sailing yachts for holiday makers. They had 13 of these, and John maintained them and he got interested in the sea. So by 1985 he started a business and got married to an American girl. If you click on to it will explain how he has done well.

Everybody seems motor bike mad in the USA. I think this is a Henderson. This guy works on all old bikes and when you collect them it's amazing what he does.

This guy David works for John. He came from Long Eaton plus four more from the town and one from Nottingham. John knew they were good skilled workers and they have done very well with cars and vintage motorcycles. They have all settled in America and have a life style that would have been impossible here.

David spent 3 years on his Daimler. He made the steering wheel by hand. The only thing he altered was the gear box. He fitted a Mazda; I think it was either a 5 or 6 speed.

This bike was worked on by this old guy. The only bad news is his wife left him. She said he loved his hobby more than her.