BMF Show 2014

Peterborough, Sunday 18 May 2014

Brilliant weather like in days of old, with a slight breeze so that the BMF could fly the flag.

I started filling my bag with essential bargains as soon as I arrived and I think it was the weight that prevented me seeing everything this year. Here are some of the things I did have time for.

Nice to see all kinds of motorcycles, not only the exotic and beautifully finished but some I'd recognise. And a VW as well.

Even with so much to keep them busy, the clubs managed to fill the arena for the cavalcade.

From old faithfuls to the very latest bikes, clubs and products.

I've always thought that a mono-wheel trailer was the best design for a solo motorcycle since I saw CZs pulling them on the way to the 1972 FIM Rally.

A special area was devoted to classic bikes but there were many gems hidden away behind marquees. I didn't have time to explore the bike park.

Best in Show area displayed high quality bikes and not all were big capacity monsters.

The best paintwork was too subtle and three dimensional for a camera to capture.

People put their personalities into their bikes, whether it is a homage to a humble Honda or a hijacking a hilarious Harley.

If you took some photos please share them with us or send a link to where we can see them. If you or your bike are on any of the above, let me know and I'll email you the original photo file.

Honda Shadow Riders had best presentation