2014 Cycling


Copper Pot, Leamington

After a week of rain we were greeted by a fine sunny day, cool to begin with. Ten riders set off from Cock Robin Wood a bit late due to circumstances.

We were made even later by one puncture (quickly fixed) and a slippery canal path that we had to walk a lot of the way.

We had a late lunch at 2pm followed by icecream for puddin' at Jephson Gardens.

It was 7pm by the time we got back to our cars. A long and tiring day and everyone acquitted themselves well.

Kings Arms, Thrapston

John Ashworth suggested Lyveden New Bield as a start location. It seemed in the middle of nowhere but turned out to be a great area for cycling.

At Grafton Underwood we made a new friend of this ex-pat Scot. Here is his story.

My daughter went oot for the evening. It began tae rain so she phoned and said "Dad, will ye come and pick me up. It's raining hard and I'm getting soaked."
I asked "Where are ye ringing from, lassy?" and she replied ...
"Fra' the top o'm'heed tae the toes of m'feet!"

The Kings Arms in Thrapston provided good food and refreshments. Plus topping up our flasks and giving directions to a car park from where we can start another time.

We returned in good time for cream teas at New Bield. Make a note that we will be returning in the autumn - when their apples are ready to taste!

Swan Inn, Whitacre Heath

New areas to explore, suggested and lead by Ian Bower who managed to guide us to a pub and back again despite housing estates being built across the cycle routes on his map.

We rode in a circle round Kingsbury Water Park just to get our bikes muddy again. The route back was a bit more straight forward with a brief pause for ice creams.

Meanwhile Scottish branch of the Embers on a 28 miles cycle ride. Trying to burn off a great Scottish breakfast of porridge topped with strawberries and melon.

I don't like the look of the "hills" in the background!

Royal Oak, Hurdlow

Suggested by Ian Bower and guided by John Ashworth, today nine riders explored the High Peak Trail. All quite flat apart from a 1 in 14 section near the start at Middleton Top.

After a friendly welcome, refreshments and a generous lunch at the Royal Oak we had an easy ride back into a cool breeze.

John Ashworth Ben Crossley Grahame Billington Dave Parry Mick Ayriss Ian Bower