2014 Cycling


Cholmeley Arms, Burton Coggles

Six riders set out east on a three dimensional ride that included some busy roads. After about ten miles we found quieter lanes to search for a pub. Just before noon someone who will remain nameless suggested we go a little bit further.

So one hour and nearly ten miles later on the far side of the A1 we reached the next pub!

A pleasant morning, good lunch and a gruelling ride back for those of us with delicate arses.

Bulls Head, Monyash

Nine Embers returned to the Peak District to make the most of summer on the Tissington Trail. Tony Loach arranged to meet us at Monyash again.

The Bulls Head at Monyash provided needed refreshments and large lunches that made our climb back to the Trail difficult.

Star and Garter, Chelveston

Six Embers set off south from Thrapston along a disused railway line that passed beneath the A14 and ran to Irthingborough through fields of ripening corn and across lakes on the Nene. At Irthlingborough we begain to look for a suitable lunch stop and after escaping from a labyrinthine housing estate, crossed A45 at great risk to life and limb and continued south.

Eventually we reached the Star and Garter in Chelveston which was well worth the ride.

After lunch we headed for Bythorn where we were pleased to see the (White) Hart has been rebuilt. We then headed north on a road that became a track with grass up to our knees. Then ruts up to our knees. Nice walk through the brambles and nettles.

We returned to Thrapston via Titchmarsh where we recovered with ice cream.

The Forum, Lincoln

A 2 hour journey to Kirkstead near Woodhall Spa is about at the limit of our cycling radius because it means we spend as long driving as cycling. On this occasion it was worthwhile because of the excellent weather, enjoyable ride and interesting destination.

The route is a flat and, for the most part, smooth cycleway alongside the River Witham.

From left to right: Peter Wright, Ben Crossley, John Ashworth, John Muschialli, Charlotte the Harlot, Derek Jordan, Bob Nash, Dave Parry, Richard Clark.
Following our asignation with Miss Splinter we visited the STD Clinic for treatment with creosote.

A tyre blew out like a fire cracker followed by a search for a new tyre and tube in Lincoln. Quickly followed by a rush to The Forum Wetherspoons pub for lunch. Then a climb up to the cathedral for ice cream.

Second puncture on the ride back. Then another stop for more refreshments at the Riverside Inn, Southrey.

The Woolpack, Buckingham

Nine riders completed our July rides starting from Canons Ashby and following cycle route 50 south to Buckingham.

John Ashworth was unfortunate to suffer another tyre failure followed by a fruitless visit to Buckingham's Bicycle Boutique.

We took solace in the Woolpack where we put away large lunches and ample refreshments.

We returned via Brackley where we had ice cream for puddin' and relaxed with coffee when we reached Canons Ashby just ahead of promised rain.

Ben Crossley John Ashworth Richard Clark Derek Jordan Bob Nash Dave Parry