National Road Rally

2015 Riders at Kegworth

Photos are selected close to the time when you signed in at Kegworth control. Scroll backwards and forwards to see if you are on earlier or later photos. Sorry if we didn't catch you on camera.

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Saturday at 11.51: Maybe Chris Adkin, Christopher Stanford, Mark Johnson, Mark Sabin, Michael Ayriss, Micky Maw, Paul Whyte, Paul Young, Peter Cook, Roger Hughes, Steven Parker, Tim Ross or Tizzard John
This photo by Ben Crossley

These photos are trimmed and compressed. If you want an original, select it as the big photo above then let me know where to email it.

Start of quotation Leading contender for tattiest bike on the rally? End of quotation

- Roger Hughes

Start of quotation Many thanks for manning the control and the useful matrix on the web site.

Platinum claimed just waiting for results. End of quotation

- Brian Eland

Start of quotation Thank you!!! End of quotation

- Steve Marsden

Start of quotation Thank you Kegworth for all your help today and Saturday.

All 3 of us really enjoyed the day and without gents like yourselves these days would not be possible.

Big Thanks again. End of quotation

- Brian Carmichael

Start of quotation Nice pic. Thanks also for all the hard work done by you and your colleagues @ Kegworth. Meeting people on the way round is what makes it all so much fun - especially when there's cake involved!

I'll be back! End of quotation

- Kevin Bittlestone

Start of quotation Hello, I am Paul and my brother Alan is behind me. Thanks a lot. Take care mate. End of quotation

- Paul Davis

Start of quotation Thanks for that! End of quotation

- Peter Baker

Start of quotation The photo from the NNR on Saturday at 20.22 of two people on a black Suzuki Bandit is me and my lovely wife Jacqui.

Would it be possible to email me a copy of this photo? We don't have many pictures of us both on the bike.

Also, two of my brother in laws, Stephen Wagstaff and David Cort, were members of LPMCC back in the late 70s. On Sunday mornings, I used to look out to see them being met by about 15-20 others on motorbikes.

It obviously had an effect on me !!

Cheers for taking the lovely photo. End of quotation

- Steve Morris

Start of quotation It was the first time of entering this road rally and it was the best days riding I have had on my trusty CB250RS.

I told my missus that I had found a picture of my bike at Kegworth but there was some old, fat, bald bloke stood next to it, oh hang on that's me!

Yes we did manage a Daytime Gold. End of quotation

- Gary Barker