2015 Cycling

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Red Lion, Huncote

Despite a reasonable weather forecast, by 10am it was pouring down. Yet three .. er .. stalwarts cycled to our rendezvous.

We sent our keen riders to Hill View Nurseries in Thurlaston for some tea drinking practice.

By 11am the rain was beginning to ease off so we made a nominal attempt at a short ride before lunch.

We reached Stoney Stanton and then returned to the Red Lion in sunshine and azure blue skies.

We took consolation for soakings and short rides with an excellent lunch and puddings.

We were joined at the Red Lion by Richard Taylor which gave us the opportunity to introduce new friends and catch up with news.

The Shires Inn, Peatling Parva

Richard Sleath had the dubious honour of being the first Ember this year to suffer a puncture and he hadn't even reached our rendezvous. Soon repaired and we were offinto a strong and cold wind enjoying the sunshine.

The Shires Inn at Peatling Parva provided a huge lunch that very nearly defeated us. We returned to our bikes as the heavens opened with a downpur of sleet so we proofed up and set off. By the time we reached Bruntinthorpe the sky was again clear.

With the wind behind us we made record time back to base and into the Old Crown for ... er ... coffee.

Four riders still had a few more miles ahead of them but at least it was under blue skies.

Bradgate Arms, Cropston

Another fine day with ten Embers out for adventure - at least as far as a pub. Our route today took us across Bradgate Park. The smell of the coffee woke us up.

From Bradgate we took a serpentine route back to Cropston for lunch. Naturally it included one muddy stretch to give us an excuse to clean our bikes.

Back at Kirby Muxloe we descended like termites onto Richards home where we devoured every cake in the house. Thanks to Sheila and Anne for putting up with us.

Five riders still had to ride home and three completed over 50 miles today.

Rose and Crown, Tilton-on-the-Hill

It was bitterly cold from the start, but that didn't put off ten brave Embers. A biting cold wind made us look forward to climbing hills just to warm up a little bit. The "little bits" did not include the ends of fingers, toes and noses.

While we caroused in the Rose and Crown a blizzard raged outside. The ride back was on packed and ridged snow, so for a change we rode up the hills and walked down them!


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