2015 Cycling

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Woolpack, Buckingham

Nine Embers set off from Canons Ashby and we soon encountered some young ladies walking the biggest dogs we've ever seen. We were quite a-llama-d

As usual we paused for bananas about 11am and found ourselves at the same location as last year. Just like a year ago, four cyclists came the other way, called out a cheery greeting and, like last year, told us that the village hall in Syresham was serving coffee and cake. Last year we failed to find the hall so this year we asked for full directions and the result was well worthwhile.

Also like last year we stopped for lunch at the Woolpack in Buckingham. The beer was good but Grahame found they cannot brew tea with cold water.

Our ride back included twenty minutes of rain so we were pleased to reach the cafe at Canons Ashby for ... er ... more coffee and cakes.

The Ivy Wall, Spalding

Six Embers started from Tony Bradley's place on a warm and sunny autumn day. Stuart Drage came out to meet us on his motorcycle just to make sure we were maintaining our healthy lifestyle.

We eventually found our way to Spalding after a full account of the history and geography of the area from a lady in Crowland. We settled on lunch at The Ivy Wall Wetherpoons where we were joined by Tony Bradley. Then we moved directly to Taylor's Coffee House for puddin'.

Our route back to Tony's was as haphazard as the ride out and we were harassed by three slow punctures. We were relieved to finally find our way back to Tony's for a cup of tea and chat to round off another excellent day.

Sir Nigel Gresley, Swadlincote

Today six Embers set a new record. Pub lunch at the Sir Nigel Gresley Wetherspoons after only six miles! Well it was six miles and two punctures, and we didn't take the quick way back.

Our route back took us to Australia again.

Roll your mousewheel to zoom in. Click and drag to move about. Left to right- Bob Nash, Richard Clark, Mick Ayriss, Ian Bower, Grahame Billington. Seated - Ben Crossley.

Court House, Mansfield

Six Embers out on a glorious autumn day, cycling down dappled trails from Southwell to Mansfield via Clumber Park. We eventually found our way to the Court House pub which is another Wetherspoons establishment.

Our route back was just as puzzling as the way there but all on road away from muddy puddles. We stopped for coffee and cake at White Post Farm.

Onward into October