2015 Cycling

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Samuel Pepys, Slipton

We were pleased to be joined again by Stuart Drage, our old pal from the Kettering & District MCC.

We started off across country on a bridle way. Mick was the first to get a puncture at banana brak time.

Our route incuded a walk across Drayton Park to the Samuel Pepys in Slipton for lunch.

After lunch Dave fixed the second and final puncture of the day.

We should keep a record of punctures and give a consolation prize for the most in one year.

We returned to the start via St James church in Grafton Underwood where there is a colourful memorial window dedicated to the American airmen stationed here during WWII.

We didn't get back in time for coffee and cake so made do with an ice cream at the end of a brilliant day.

Wye Bridge House, Buxton

Nine Embers set off from Bakewell along the Monsal Trail and paused for early coffee at Hassop Station Cafe.

The Monsal Trail is excellent quality with six tunnels, the longer ones are lit and they all have smooth tarmac sufaces.

Just before the end of the trail we caught up with Nick and then completed our run to Buxton on the busy A6 main road.

We enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Wye Bridge House where several Embers took advantage of the 14oz steaks at only £5.99. Somehow we still found room for ice cream at Millers Dale and coffee and cake back at Hassop.

This week we had two punctures, one before starting and the second as we neared Hassop on the way back. We also had another ... er ... "adventure" but won't mention it here.

Whitehills Flaming Grill, Northampton

A bakers dozen out on a dull October day. At least the rain kept off until we reached the pub. There we caught up with Nick who started his ride further along Brampton Valley Way to avoid the tunnels.

Inside Whitehills Flaming Grill we toasted Richard Sleath on his retirement - with the drinks that he bought us.

Aother zoomable photo. Left to right: Nick Reeves, Mick Ayriss, Richard Clark, Bob Nash, Richard Sleath, John Ashworth, Grahame Billington, Peter Wright, Dave Parry, Stuart Drage and John Muschialli.

Stuart set off back ahead of the group and probably ran into the worst of the rain.

We had just a few minutes sunshine while we repaired Mick's puncture. Then back to Harboro' Leisure Centre for coffee and cake.

Malt Shovel, Shardlow

Seven Embers took to the Cloud Trail on a pilgrimage to Mercian Cycles. There we pressed our noses on the window to lust after £3000 bicycles.

Then onward to the Malt Shovel at Shardlow for lunch.

Zoom photo. Left to right: Richard Clark, Dave Parry, Peter Wright, Ian Bower, John Muschialli, John Ashworth, and Ben Crossley.

The Grainstore, Oakham

Eleven riders didn't let a grey and wet day dampen their enthusiasm for a circuit of Rutland Water. Especially as they were heading for the taverns of Oakham. In their rush two Embers left their snacksacks at the banana break location. Stuart Drage saved the day by driving round to find them and return them to us at the Grainstore.

A Halloween witch ensures that her familiar resembles an innocent cat.

We finished off the day with the traditional coffee and cakes at Rutland Water Garden Nurseries and enjoyed the best scones for a long time.

Cooler days ahead in November