2015 Cycling

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The Shires, Peatling Parva

This week we delayed our ride until Friday in hope of better weather and we were rewarded with a mostly sunny day. Nine Embers circled round from Fleckney and arrived at The Shires Peatling Parva just before 12 noon.

We then took a shortcut back to base and from there moved on to Wistow Park for a coffee and a sniff of their cakes.

Appleby Inn, Appleby Magna

We delayed our cycle ride by anhour in the hope of missing the rump of the rain and decided to meet at a cafe to watch it pass. But (1) the cafe was closed and (2) the rain didn't pass. So we drove five miles to another watering hole and sheltered there until Tony Loach caught up with us. Then back to near where we started for an early lunch at the Appleby Inn.

It was still persistently raining so four of the party retired while John Ashworth, Dave Parry, Richard Sleath and Grahame Billington braved the weather to make sure today wasn't a complete washout.

Wheatsheaf, Thurmaston

Eleven Embers met at Kirby Muxloe for a ride through Bradgate Park.

We stopped for our banana break and a coffee at the cafe in the middle of the park then continued to the Wheatsheaf at Thurcaston. When we continued it was just beginning to rain.

Sheila wasn't quick enough to bolt the doors against the horde of cakeworms that arrived with Richard as hostage. From there some Embers still had a few more miles to cover in rain and failing light.

The Boat Inn, Walsgrave

Today the Embers were joined by a new rider from the Melton area. Luckily it was a breezy day so we pursuaded Chris Jepson that the 'orrible stink was pig slurry smell blown across from the fields.

Lunch was taken at the Boat Inn at Walsgrave. The ride back was wind assisted with brief stops for a couple of punctures.

Royal Horseshoes, Waltham

Finished off the year with eleven Embers setting off from Melton on a brilliantly sunny and mild winter's day. We were joined again by John Newitt who rarely gets a weekday away from work, but when he does, he knows where to come.

Out route took us east before looping back north towards Waltham. It is not easily missed because of the TV transmission tower.

We should have a beacon leading us to every pub. Today we arrived at the Royal Horseshoes in Waltham just after midday.

After a splendid lunch we returned to base, walking up some of the hills after our ample repast. Then to Sainsbury's for coffee and cake to make up for the energy we had just used up.

Now ride into 2016 with the Embers.