National Road Rally

2016 Riders at Kegworth

Photos are selected close to the time when you signed in at Kegworth control. Scroll backwards and forwards to see if you are on earlier or later photos. Sorry if we didn't catch you on camera.

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Saturday at 11.51: Maybe Big Andy, Chris Adkin, Chris Chant, Colin Godfrey MBE, David Green, David Tebbatt, Eric Clapton, Ian Orchard, Jon Abbott, Mark Sabin, Micky Maw, Paul Rush, Paul See, Paul Whyte, Paul Young or Robin Thomas
This photo by Ben Crossley

These photos are trimmed and compressed. If you want an original, select it as the big photo above then let me know where to email it.

Start of quotation All dried out now! Thank you so much for the pictures. Very rarely get pics of actually riding the bike!

It was a great day even with the rain. Thank you for manning the checkpoint and for the pictures. Hope to see you again next year.

Very warmest regards End of quotation

- Chris Birks

Start of quotation Thank you all for your support in the Rally. We did achieve Special Gold.

Thanks again End of quotation

- Derrick Parker

Start of quotation Hi, just looked at the photos. I can confirm that the photos at 20.16 are indeed Catherine Mills, Jackie Mills and Richard Mills, Team 3 Mills Bears.

Can you please send a copy of both the ones at that time. Is there a charge for them?

Thanks End of quotation

- Jackie Mills

You've just paid the price!

Start of quotation Thank You! End of quotation

- Yiannis Gopoulos

Well done with your fund raising for Isabel Hospice.

Start of quotation Excellent rally thanks Ben and a great picture.

Many thanks. End of quotation

- Mark Mayer

Start of quotation Just wanted to say thanks for manning the control this year. It's nice to meet such a nice bunch of guys.

My first year on the rally, great day out, see you again next year.

Cheers End of quotation

- Phil Deane

Start of quotation Thanks Ben - much appreciated

All five Tridents did Platinum.

I'm off to Russia on mine (the one with the Windjammer fairing) later this week. End of quotation

- John Young

Start of quotation Thanks for the photo. Yes I did have a successful rally this year, just a slow puncture.

I hope to be able to do it again next year and may get to Kegworth again!

Thanks again. End of quotation

- Adam Clarke