2016 Cycling

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Rose and Crown, Tilton on the Hill

First ride of February was a very hilly day starting from Houghton on the Hill. Weather was warm but dull. The closest it came to raining was during our 11am banana break, extended by a puncture.

We reached the Rose and Crown in Tilton on the Hill where we were joined by Anne Jordan before she left to put the kettle on.

Kings Arms, Hathern

Eleven Embers out on a frosty morning but it stayed bright and sunny all day ... except when we stopped to fix a puncture!

We had lunch at the Kings Arms Two for One in Hathern before returning via the Butler-Henderson Café Bistro at Quorn Great Central Station where we paused for cakes and coffee.

Then across Bradgate Park where we split up to make our separate ways home.

Cherry Tree, Little Bowden

Two punctures today and Bob took both hits for the team. We took consolation at the Cherry Tree in Little Bowden, Market Harborough.

This week was half term school holiday so all the cake shops were closed early to keep the little bighters out.

Grants, Burrough on the Hill

The Embers were joined today by Ian Wright (Wishbone's son) on a brief visit to Blighty, and Helen Ayriss getting in some practice for this year's Embers Tour.

This week we returned to Grants Free House in Burrough on the Hill. Why can't we choose somewhere like Burro' on the Plain or Burro' on the Plateau?

Despite a familiar start point, John Ashworth managed to lead us up hills we haven't climbed yet.

Then back to Ian's for coffee and cake.

Widening our horizons in March.