2016 Cycling

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Victoria Hotel, Mansfield

Eight Embers rode from from Southwell to Mansfield. Seven in a group and Ian made his own way. One day we may learn to avoid the track out of Sherwood Forest. No problems from Robin Hood and his muddy friends but difficult negotiating the huge puddles and deep gravel.

When John A had a puncture everyone rushed to help. Later seven of us had lunch at the Victoria Hotel then headed back by way of the cafe at White Post Farm.

Ian eventually caught up with the group back at our starting point.

Royal Oak, Hurdlow

Ten Embers made their annual ride along the Tissington Trail. Eight stalwarts detoured on the highway for part of the ride out while Katie and Ben took a shortcut to be sure of reaching the pub early.

After lunch at the Royal Oak in Hurdlow we freewheeled back to Parsley Hay for ice cream.

From then on it was (almost) all downhill, taking in the views over the dales.

Bowling Green, Southam

Eight Embers challenged by the hills and potholes on Northamptonshire roads. Today there was lots of walking with bicycles.

At least we found a good pub in Southam. The Bowling Green served good food and drink. It was Wishbone's birthday so he stood a round.

Rose and Crown, Thorney

Seven Embers set off from Tony Bradley's in lovely sunshine following Sustrans cycle routes to Peterborough where they stopped for a banana break. No hills - yippee!

Then to Rose and Crown at Thorney where they met Tony for lunch. Meals OK but no pudding as they decided to have tea and cake in Market Deeping.

When they left the pub it rained all the way to Crowland (4 miles) then to Market Deeping (7½ miles) on very straight and open roads.

At Market Deeping their chosen coffee shop was closed. Luckily they found the Cinnamon Coffee Shop where Mush decided to strip off. Not a pretty sight. There were a lot of puddles and wet chairs when they left for the mile or so back to Tony's.

A hill free and thankfully also a wind free day in very open countryside.

- Peter Wright

Continue our cycling romp in August.