2016 Cycling

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The Blue Bell, Melbourne

Eight Embers out on bicycles. Bob Nash came out to the pub for lunchtime jollies.

A bit of a wet end to the day. This week's photos are straight from Facebook Page.

The Still, Lincoln

Ten Embers made the long drive out to Kirkstead Bridge near Woodhall Spa. This is as far as we want to go to start a day's cycling but it is well worth the fuel.

Our route was north west to Lincoln along the Water Rail Way pausing for a Banana Break at Bardney.

Once we reached Lincoln we quickly made our way to The Still on Slattergate where we celebrated Richard Clark's birthday with good beer and tucked into a good lunch.

We left our bikes locked up at the pub while we climbed the hill to the cathedral and Lincoln Castle where we paid respects at the Poppies: Wave display.

The weather was a bit brighter on our way back and we had the wind behind us. A short break for coffee at the Riverside Inn, Southrey before returning to Kirkstead Bridge.

The Corner House, Bulkington

Nine Embers embarked for an adventure on the Ashby Zealous Douche Canal, or, for one unlucky cyclist, in the canal.

Our route began from from Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and we descended to the canal towpath at Sutton Wharf.

Luckily swimming lessons finished just before we reached The Corner House at Bulkington near Bedworth where shoes and clothes could be left outside to dry in the sunshine.

For most of the way back we avoided the canal, only returning to it to make sure we didn't miss the cafe at Sutton Wharf

We have now been baptised as the Embers Cycling and Swimming Group.

Golden Fleece, Stamford

Mercifully not so scorching as the day before but mostly overcast, warm and humid for the eight Embers who set off from Manton towards Stamford. We have been to the Golden Fleece before and it continues to provide good value and a friendly welcome.

On the way back we stopped off at the Rutland Water Garden Nursery where we were lucky to miss a brief shower of rain.

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