2016 Cycling

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Appleby Inn, Appleby Parva

Just like last week we had eleven Embers cycling and three joining in for the lunchtime jollies. This week we were pleased to see Tony Loach fit and well again.

This week we didn't get our usual banana break (boo); instead we had TWO stops for coffee and cake (hooray).

The Shires, Peatling Parva

Rain didn't put off seven Embers but it did provide adequate incentive to head straight for Chives Coffee Shop at Glebe Garden Centre, Countesthorpe.

After a suitable drink and dry-out the weather was a bit kinder when we made a bee line for The Shires at Peatling Parva. Even Christmas prices didn't prevent their carvery from being better value than we had at the next village a couple of weeks earlier.

The ride back was in brilliant low sunshine on an unseasonably warm afternoon. So naturally we had to take further refreshments, this time at Wistow Café Bistro, from where the group split up for homebound journeys.

Moon and Bell, Loughborough

Another good day although it remained overcast. Eleven Embers dragged Richard Sleath on his new bicycle along muddy tracks from Thringstone to Loughborough.

Despite that we reached the Moon & Bell in record time, entering at least 15 minutes before noon. And despite our mucky Christening of his new bike, Richard bought us a round of birthday drinks.

From Loughborough it was heavy going up hill all the way to Holy Joe's where we were joined by Nick Reeves for tea and scones.

Wharf Inn, Welford

This week eight Emnbers made their muddy way from Lutterworth to Welford, including a hill that defeated tyres and tired d'feet.

Bob met us at the Wharf Inn Welford where a table was reserved for us.

Our route back was more direct and avoided mud so we had fairly clean shoes when we popped into Karter's Cafe in Lutterworth.

Red Lion, Market Bosworth

Eight dedicated Embers picked their way along frosty roads from Bosworth Country Park on a fairly crooked route to the Red Lion in Market Bosworth.Where the sunshine reached the frost melted. Frost on the branches of trees, overhanging the road, dripped and froze again, creating slippery trwps for the unwary

The Red Lion was very busy so it was lucky that we phoned ahead. From there we made tracks to the Sutton Wharf Cafe before an early finish.

Now on to a whole new year starting with January 2017.