2017 Cycling

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Tollemache Arms, Harrington

You might think this website is about motorcycling and not expect so much cycling. Or sometimes walking. Well today was about talking. Ah but ...
the talking was about motorcycling!

Nine Embers eventually reached the Tollemache Arms in Harrington after a slow start and some problems on this sunny but sometimes cool day. We then took a shortcut back to Harborough Leisure Centre to console ourselves for low miles with coffee and cake.

Brewery Tap, Burton on Trent

Once again we proved that we can organise a piss-up at a brewery. Fourteen Embers cycled the pretty route to Burton on Trent for lunch at the Brewery Tap at the National Brewery Centre. We kept moving so other customers didn't think we were dummies from the displays.

After our usual light lunch and beer from birthday boy Ian, we went in search of the VMCC Allen House where we were kindly welcomed with tea and allowed to look round their extensive library and archives.

We then began our journey home across the bridge and viaduct that was celebrating 119 years of toll free passage on this day.

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Embers left to right are Dave Parry, Peter Wright, Richard Sleath, Andrew Ayriss, Grahame Billington, Bob Nash, Ben Crossley, John Muschialli, Ian Bower, Richard Clark, Simon Over, Mick Ayriss, Derek Jordan and John Ashworth.

Andrew Ayriss came along with his dad today so we didn't have an unlucky number. He saved us from punctures and problems with gears.

When we were close to base we had time to pause at the YHA National Forest for our regular coffee and cake. The long range team then completed the final seven miles of their extended ride.

Golden Fleece, Stamford

Still a bit cool but eleven Embers met at Manton for a hilly ride in a big sweep south and east to Stamford.

We paced ourseves well to arrive at our old favourite watering hole, the Golden Fleece bang on noon where we enjoyed a good value lunch before heading back.

Our return route was a north west arc that brought us to Wellies Café at Rutland Water Garden Nursery for the obligatory coffee and cake.

From there Ricardo, Velo John, Derek and Grahame still had a few more miles to cover on their extended rides.

Dog & Doublet, Sutton Coldfield

Because we changed to Friday this week there were only six Embers at Hartshill Hayes Country Park for a ride through the North Warwickshire lanes.

Like a previous visit to this area we managed to lose our way in Kingsbury Water Park but still reached the Dog & Doublet Inn on the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal before noon.

If it's any consolation to the Embers who couldn't be with us on Friday, we had a little bit of sunshine and no rain at all.

May the fourth be with you as we head into next month's episodes.