2017 Cycling

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Royal Horse, Leamington

It certainly felt like summer today as eight Embers rode the Lias Way from Rugby to Leamington.

Some of the route is along disused railways and canal paths but there are still enough hills to wear us out.

We were glad to reach the Royal Horse in Leamington for our lunch.

From there we made our regular ride to Jephson Gardens for icecreams before retracing our route back to Cock Robin Wood...

... or, for John Ashworth, Grahame Billington and Derek Jordan, back to Stanford Hall.

Old Crown, Wigginton

Despite a poor weather forecast we stuck to our usual Thursday for our start from Diseworth. We headed west and then south, stopping briefly for bananas and a little later to don waterproofs. We reached the Old Crown Wigginton just north of Tamworth, a few minutes before noon (timing or what?).

After lunch we continued into Tamworth and settled for the Side Walk Cafe for a cuppa but no cake or icecream.

Dog in a Doublet, Thorney

Seven Embers set off east across the fens on a brilliantly sunny day. After a brief banana break we soon reached the Dog in a Doublet where we enjoyed the type of gastro pub meal we usually avoid. Three things made our lunch good 1) Proper plates, 2) Decent portions and 3) Reasonable prices. A pub to return to!

After lunch we needed teamwork to beat into a stiff wind back to Peterborough where we were all impressed by a close look at the cathedral ... and an even closer look at Becket's Tea Room.

We always try to choose a pub with a defibrillator. Left to right: Richard Sleath, Tony Bradley, Simon Over, Ben Crossley, Richard Clark, John Muschialli, Bob Nash and Dave Parry.
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It was good to see Tony Bradley again. He doesn't change much but he's getting too tall for his trousers.

Spread Eagle, Corby

Today we filled in a bit of the map in the Rockingham Forest area that we have not already explored. Six Embers started from East Carlton Country Park in a loop south and east through Rushton and back to Corby.

After a brief circular tour of the Corby suburbs we reached the Spread Eagle for lunch. We then ruturned the quick way to East Carlton Coach House Cafe for tea and cake and then had time for another short ride to work off a few more calories.

The Still, Lincoln

It didn't rain as such but there was enough drizzle to soak six Embers on the way from Kirkstead bridge to Lincoln. When the new landlord of the Still said they only had burgers we were too wet to put our kit back on and look for a wider menu. Thnkfully they were excellent burgers.

We knew the ride back did not pass any cafés so Mick bought cakes from M&S and we were allowed to eat them with coffee at the Riverside Inn.

High time to move on to July.