2017 Cycling

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The Boathouse, Braunston

After a sudden change of plans eleven Embers assembled at Rugby for a cycle ride south. Instead of taking the Lias Way right into Warwick as we usually do, today we turned off after our banana break (and puncture repair and shower) at Birdingbury and headed towards Daventry.

Exploring a new route doesn't take much more map study than trying to remember old roads.

We eventually found our way to the Boathouse at Braunston, not so much by studying the map as following our noses.

The route back with the wind behind us was shorter and took us to Rugby Sainsbury for coffee and cake.

Wye Bridge House, Buxton

Ten Embers struggled north through rush hour traffic to start today's ride along the Monsal Trail from Bakewell. This is how cycle trails should be. Fabulous scenery, good surface, no hills, lots of places for refreshments.

We started with birthday cakes from Richard Clark and, after a mile, stopped for tea and bacon rolls at Hassop Station Café.

Another stop half an hour later for our banana break on Headstone Viaduct. The trail was very busy with walkers and cyclists, young and old, enjoying the sunshine - or the cool of many well-lit tunnels.

We pressed on to Buxton to meet Tony Loach for lunch at the Wye Bridge House where Richard stood a round of birthday drinks. You'd never think he is 32 already.

The route is even better on the way back as it is downhill all the way with stops at Millers Dale for Mush to cool his nose in ice cream, and Hassop Station again for more cake.

Tough day!

Horse and Plough, Bingham

Starting from Holme Pierrepont ten Embers took a new direction today. Maybe they were being adventurous but more likely they just wandered off and got lost.

Wherever they were intending to get to it was inevitable that they would reach a pub at lunch-time.

Today it was the Horse and Plough at Bingham.

Their route also took them through Scarrington, a good place to go if you want a lucky horseshoe. Luckily no-one toppled over the 15ft high tower of 50,000 horseshoes.

The Old Mill, Newton Blossomville

Ten Embers made a late start from Irchester Country Park. This wasn't because we couldn't find this new start location, but for a number of other reasons. Stuart Drage of the K&DMCC came to greet us on his home turf and give us some advice on directions to take.

So, despite numerous diversions, we made quick progress due south to the quaintly named Newton Blossomville where we had lunch at The Old Mill.

Then we returned the way we came with a brief pause at the Dragonfly Cafe on Harrold Odell Country Park for our obligatory tea and cake.

Pied Calf, Spalding

While three Embers visited the Severn Valley Railway with their bicycles seven riders started from Northborough and headed alongside the Welland to Spalding. There they ate heartily at the Pied Calf and then headed back eastwards into a light breeze.

I might have been a long slog back but by chance an ice cream van came the other way and was quickly flagged down. We then pushed on back to Market Deeping for tea and cake at Cinnamon. Then back to Tony Bradley's place on Rippon Drove.

Before we know it, it's September already.