2017 Cycling

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The Barn, Willey

You mustn't start to think that we are geriatric café racers; the fact is that we take quite a long time to get between cafés with a fuel stop at a pub on the way.

If we hadn't taken the pretty route through Lutterworth we'd have covered less miles than two weeks ago. Our first stop was Palmer's Garden Centre near Ullesthorpe, soon followed by lunch at The Barn on Coal Pit Lane, then straight back to Karter's Café before breaking up for our journeys home.

Blue Bell Inn, Rothley

Five Embers rode out today. Straight a café in Kirby till the ice on the roads melted. By 10.30 we were off to the Blue Bell Inn in Rothley.

After lunch Richard and I went back to Kirby but John Ashworth, Derek and Graham went straight back to their homes.

- Simon Over

Rising Sun, Shackerstone

Not so cold this week so we were closer to full strength with eleven Embers meeting at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre. Early arrivals found the staff entrance to the cafe well before official opening time.

This area is, apart from Albion Hill, quite flat or maybe inclined to a degree. In other words, some say it is flat and I'm inclined to disagree.

We made our way in a loop to the Rising Sun at Shackerstone where we received a warm welcome and hot food. Richard Sleath stood drinks to celebrate his twenty first birthday (x3+4)

Then back to the Heritage Centre to see if they'd saved any of the cakes we'd made a note of earlier.

Queens Head, Saddington

Short ride this week due to ice. Five Embers met at Houghton on the Hill. We stopped at a cafe in Great Glen.

Had lunch at the Queen's Head in Saddington and a café stop at Wistow. Then back to Derek's for tea and Christmas cake.

- Grahame Billington

Time to move on to our 2018 adventures.