2018 Cycling

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Bulls Head, Ratby

Everyone rocketed to the National Space Centre from different directions. From there we launched ourselves to ASDA to dry out with a cup of tea. By the time we set off for real the sun was breaking through so we cycled out to Ratby for lunch at the Bulls Head.

We then retraced our steps to visit our traditional first-ride-of-the-year venue, the Pavilion Café in the middle of Abbey Park. From there the group split up to make their various ways home.

Wheel and Compass, Weston by Welland

A grim day but ten Embers managed to find a few new roads and a lot of new hills.

We took our lunch break at the Wheel and Compass where we have been several times. Refurbished and better than ever. We therefore needed to take the quick route back for coffee.

Plough, Wysall

A night of gales and forecast for rain didn't deter eleven determined Embers from assembling at Mush's home in Mountsorrel. From there we set out for the Plough at Wysall. With the wind behind us we arrived 30 minutes before opening time so we went for an extra ride round to make sure we had a full morning's thirst.

We also made good progress on the return journey despite a head wind. Maybe it was because we knew that Jan Muschialli always spoils us with cakes and tea.

Elms, Lutterworth

Everyone arrived early to make the most of a gorgeous day. We had to bang on the window of Granny Smith's Cafe in the Nook to fetch out the long distance riders who were taking refreshments. Then we wheezed off south. A banana break in Walton and then a sprint to The Elms only to be told their carvery would not be available until 1pm. So we settled for other items from their menu.

Rain threatened to catch up with us on the way back, especially when we paused to fix a puncture. But we made it back to Granny Smith's without getting a soaking.

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