2018 Cycling

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Queens Head, Meriden

What do all the following have in common? Hartshill, School Hill, Plough Hill, Gun Hill, Hill Top, Spring Hill, Wall Hill, Brick Hill, Harvest Hill ...

This was the day Ben was sacked for choosing a route better suited to mountaineering than cycling. However, eleven Embers eventually reached the cycling monument at the centre of England and the Queens Head, Meriden in time for lunch.

We are still trying to figure out how a route can be all up-hill in both directions.

Start of quotation I propose to start a petition via 38 degrees to ban both elderly cyclists ( menace on the roads ) and cake.

Like drivers who have too much alcohol, they wander all over the road with their bellies banging on the cross bar.

Should be made to ride ladies' models after consuming more than two ounces of cake.

KEEP BRITAIN CAKE FREE. End of quotation

- Ken Wells

Debs Cafe, Kings Cliffe Industrial Estate

Stuart Drage came out on his motorcycle to see us off from Lyveden New Bield, just to make sure we were paying due respect to his home turf.

Unusually for Embers, we failed to get lunch at a pub. We needed Stuart to path-find for us. We made our way instead to Debs Cafe at Kings Cliffe Industrial Estate. Good service which is something the pub down the road needs.

Our route back through Fotheringhay took us to The Coffee Tavern in Oundle for the usual cake. Sorry Ken, we can't kick our addiction.

Bulls Head, Thringstone

This was the day of our pilgrim trail. Starting from Grace Dieu Priory and taking our break at the Priory Church of Saint Mary and Saint Hardulph on the top of Breedon Hill, returned for out midday meal near to Grace Dieu, then on to St Josephs adjoining the monastery at Mount St Bernard Abbey.

The Grace Dieu refectory is conveniently located in the Bulls Head where we were joined by Tony Loach. Tony said Adieu, but not Grace.

In the afternoon we moved on to Holy Joe's to take the sacrament of tea and cake.

Tony Loach joined us for part of our pilgrimage; the bit that includes eating and drinking. Mick Ayriss and Tony Loach at the bar of the Bulls Head.

Royal Horse, Leamington Spa

A cool and cloudy morning saw ten Embers assemble at Cock Robin Wood, Rugby. From there we followed the Lias Line west towards Leamington Spa.

By lunchtime we reached the Royal Horse where a wide range of food was quickly served.

We then had three maintenance sessions for loose handlebars, rear carrier and front wheel, the latter fixed by Dave with a part supplied by John Atkins Cycles who gave a generous club discount, grease and offered to lend spanners. We were soon on our way back, now in warm sunshine.

Dirty Duck, Woolsthorpe Wharf

Ten Embers met at Melton Country Park and took to the hills like ducks to bicycles. Our route took us eventually to the Dirty Duck at Woolsthorpe Wharf. The pub has been cleaned up but they still let us in.

More hills on the way back with a brief pause at Dove Cottage Tea Room for more refreshments.

That's enough of May. Let's move on to flaming June.