2018 Cycling

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Muskham Ferry, North Muskham

It was already a scorching hot day by the time eleven Embers assembled at Southwell. We were quite ready for our banana break at eleven and pulled up promptly at the Muskham Ferry at noon. After our usual hearty lunch we were in no hurry to resume our ride. Good job really, as we had an enforced rest while running repairs were made to a non running chain.

Velo John and Ricardo made a bee line for their start accompanying Derek on his forlorn cycle. The rest returned on a sweep east and then south taking in the ice cream parlour at Newfield Dairy and then tea and cake in Gossip's Coffee House back at Southwell.

The Mill, Newton Blossomville

The day began cool as twelve Embers set out from Irchester Country Park. We passed Santa Pod on the way to our banana break on the Podington Airfield byeway. Then on to the Old Mill in Newton Blossomville.

After a hearty lunch we had sunshine on our way back, pausing for tea and cake at the Dragonfly Café in Harrald Odell Country Park, then returning to our start point.

At the Dragonfly Café. Panning round Mick Ayriss, Richard Clark, John Ashworth, John Muschialli, Bob Nash, Ian Bower, Dave Parry, Grahame Billington, Derek Jordan, Richard Sleath, Simon Over.

Friday 13th came early for Richard Sleath. He began with an abrasion following a tumble and finished with three punctures.

Royal Oak, Hurdlow

Nine Embers made an early start along the Tissington Trail, heading north from the Ashbourne end. We took a leisurely pace and soon stopped at Tissington for tea and bacon butties. Then another stop for our banana break before pusing on to reach the Royal Oak at Hurlow in time for lunch.

Our ride back along the trail would have been over too quickly had we not stopped for ice creams at Parsley Hay.

Moorhen, Peterborough

This week we started our ride from Tony Bradley's place in Northborough. Seven Embers turned out for the cycle ride.Helen and Mick Ayriss and Allan Jarman came out on their motorcycles to see us off.

Richard Clark sorted out a route following Peterborough's Green Wheel. He lead us on traffic free paths to the Moorhen pub. There we were joined by Sue and Dave Smith on their Ducati as well as Mick, Helen, Allan and Tony. Spike made sure we didn't have an unlucky number at lunch.

Some people may be new to you so the photos are captioned with names from left to right.

After lunch our intrepid cycle group returned to the heat of the afternoon taking an ... er ... interesting route back to Northborough, urged on by the mellow tone of Ian Bower's sonorous disc brake.

Richard Sleath and John Ashworth cycled locally and recommend the Old Vol at Caythorpe for lunch.

Sue Smith, Helen Ayriss.

Looking forward to more good weather in August