2019 Cycling

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Glen Parva Manor, Glen Parva

We all came into Leicester from numerous locations. The two Ians, Mick, Velo John, Graham and Simon cycled in from Syston. Richard Sleath cycled in from Kirby Muxloe, Derek from Houghton, Mush from Mountsorrel and Richard Clark from Sileby, Dave from home and Peter from Enderby.

We met up at the Asda coffee shop near the Space Centre where everyone warmed up. As normal we set off at 10am and passed through Abbey Park to the River Soar till we reached the Great Central line. Following this old railway line we travelled south to Glen Parva. Our morning route then took us to Whetstone and Countesthorpe and then back up northwards to Blaby and the Glen Parva Manor for lunch. At lunch we met Ben who now holds the record for the shortest Embers ride of 1.6 miles. Get well soon Ben.

The return journey in the afternoon was straight back to the Great Central, the River Soar and then to Abbey Park café where we warmed up again before splitting up and finding different ways home.

The weather although cold at plus 3 to 4 degrees C was generally superb as there was little wind and no rain. A great start to the year.

- Simon Over

Gate Inn, Osbaston Hollow

With three Embers literally in the air on route to New Zealand for a motorcycling holiday, nine of us had a mini tour of our own north west of Leicester. Does not have quite the same ring to it though.

We met at Kirby Muxloe with Velo John, Derek, Graham and Simon cycling in from their respective homes and the others arriving direct to the car park by the library. The others being the two Richards, Ian Jacques, Mush and Mick.

The joint route took us north east to Ratby, then round Thornton reservoir. We did of course make the compulsory stop at the Thornton garden centre for a well-earned hot drink and to warm up.

Sufficiently warmed we moved on through Bagworth to what we hoped was a pub at Barlestone. However, as with so many pubs these days, there were problems at both the two local hostelries so we moved on to the Gate at Osbaston Hollow just a mile away.

After a leisurely lunch we headed back towards Kirby via Tropical Birdland at Desford for coffee and cake. It is a tough life but someone has to do it. We finally cycled back to Kirby and on to home.

The weather was kind but cold most of the day with just a small shower as we were taking a break at the bird sanctuary. All in all a great day.

- Simon Over

The Bell, Gumley

Another glorious day was had by all. Although really cold to start at only plus 1 degree the day was bright and sunny with incredibly clear skies and great views across our brilliant English countryside.

Eight riders had gathered at Market Harborough with four driving there and four riding in from the Langtons. Starting at the leisure centre car park we headed north to Great Bowden and turned left towards Gartree prison. Fortunately we escaped being dragged into their dungeons and continued to Foxton Locks café and a welcome hot drink at 11am.

It was then a short trip to Gumley and the Bell Inn where we had a good lunch. With only an extra £1 for desert there were not many who refused that offer.

The afternoon found us heading south to Theddingworth then east via Maston Trussell to Lubenham. Here we managed to keep Mush out of the Triumph Owners Club HQ and continued back to Market Harborough and a final hot drink at the leisure centre.

Although the ride was without incident it was simply a superb day out. Even the slippery icy paths were negotiated fairly easily.

- Simon Over

Red Lion, Huncote

The low temperatures forecast yesterday with possible snow thankfully never materialised and we had above zero temperatures all day. At one point it reached the dizzy heights of plus 5C.

We met Richard C, Mush, Mick and Bob at Cosby library car park with Simon, Richard S, Velo John, Graham and Derek biking there from home. Welcome back Bob. Not to rush things the nine of us retired to Granny Smiths café in Cosby for a warm drink and route discussion.

This done Velo John took the lead and guided us in a nice circular route starting off by going south west via Broughton Astley to Frolesworth. We stopped here for a quick Banana break. We then turned north to Sapcote, Stoney Stanton and then to the Red Lion at Huncote. Here we were pleased to meet past member Richard Taylor enjoying his retirement. The food was good as normal and four even had a pudding but I will not give the game away about who succumbed to temptation.

After lunch we checked out the second home of all Velocette owners and headed further north to Enderby. From here turned south to Narborough and then back again to Granny Smiths café in Cosby. All in all another great day was had by all.

- Simon Over

Toby Carvery, Loughborough

Today's ride started from Ratby at 10am. Eight intrepid riders met there with Derek, Velo John, Graham and Richard S cycling in from home. Mick, Simon, Mush and Richard C arrived by car.

Although a cold day the sun was out and it was glorious. It was minus 4 degrees at the start of the ride but rose to the dizzy heights of around zero at midday. That is not taking account of the wind chill which reduced the temperature by about 3 to 5 degrees centigrade. Despite this we all dressed for the cold and really enjoyed the 26 mile joint ride. So starting at Ratby we headed via Groby and Newtown Linford to the Cafe at Bradgate park for a warm drink.

Thus restored and having passed a huge number of walkers in the park we cycled through Swithland Wood, Woodhouse and Quorn on our way to Loughborough. Ben met us at the Toby Carvery on Nanpanton Road and we all enjoyed a well-earned meal and again warmed back up.

After lunch the return route took us back though Quorn to Mountsorrel where we turned right off the old A6 and made our way to Rothley Station for another cafe stop. Ready for the final leg we set off again to Thurcaston and cycled to Anstey and returned to Ratby and the cars. By this time Velo John, Graham and Derek had set off on a different route cycling home. Richard S cycled home from Ratby.

So yet another great day out despite the doom and gloom of the forecasters. See you all next week.

- Simon Over

Put on your waterproofs and follow us into Februay.