2020 Cycling

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Picture of a rainbow, produced by Florence (aged 4) to show our support for all the NHS workers. - Ricardo

COVID-19, Week 3

With everyone antisocial-distancing we can't take our usual Embers group excursion. But we are allowed to take exercise and do essential shopping. So this Thursday's ride was taken individually or in "household" groups with riders sending photos, routes and mileages.

So, despite Covid-19, Embers cycled a total of healthy miles and proved, once again, that you can have your cake and eat it.

COVID-19, Week 4

Blessed with gorgeous weather, Embers were enticed to embark on another individual cycling week. Here are some of their selfies. Looks like we need practice at cycling and taking selfies without frowning into the camera.

Good to see Kathy and Nigel Lines out with(out) the Embers, helping to keep this week's total distance up to scratch.

Last week I added the captions. This week it is your turn. Keep it clean and at a safe distance.

COVID-19, Week 5

Mick and Helen stole a march ... April ... cycle on us this week by riding on Tuesday. Grahame nipped out on Wednesday and Mick Perry wasn't far behind with his wishful pub crawl taking place early on Thursday morning. He was home in time for his 11am banana break.

Reports then began to come in thick and fast. Richard Clark had to rush his banana break. This week our rides add up to progress.

COVID-19, Week 6

Still favoured by excellent cycling weather, Embers were out in force to get more practice at taking selfies. And it's paying off by the look of the photos being sent in.

Our official one-hour riding total miles don't take into account the extra distances ridden over the week.

COVID-19, Week 7

The advantage of a free choice of when and where to ride paid off this week as Embers took to the road and avoided the rain.

Sacha Crossley rejoined the Embers, nine years on from our inaugural ride, but only did a few laps of the playground. Tony Loach claimed 20 yards and promises more next week when he fits go faster tassles on the handlebars. Good to see Mush (and Jan) adding to our one-hour total that just reached miles this week.

Maybe May will be better.