2020 Cycling

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COVID-19, Week 8

Beginning another month of Embers sunshine cycling (we hope) as compensation for riding individually.

Excellent start with many riders adding to our miles.

COVID-19, Week 9

Good to see Bob getting to grips with selfies. Next challenge is seeing what is on the screen when he's out in the sunshine.

Mick Perry models his new t-shirt. Hope it has room for after eating cake.

We had many riders covering miles with "unlimited exercise" this week.

COVID-19, Week 10

Embers are still pedalling their exercise programme from door to door (Their own doors, that is). Exploring bridal ways and byways before they turn back into a quagmire and we turn back into quarantine.

Total this week, many Embers' one-day rides added up to miles. Well done everyone.

COVID-19, Week 11

I've had enough, won't isolate.
I'm setting off to see a mate.
Together we will ride for miles
Surely that'll restore our smiles.

Six feet apart, we'll stay in line,
Or if you prefer, call them metres.
The feet are mine,
The metres Peter's.

- Mick Perry

Counting many Embers who sent in miles for the final week of May.

Lockdown restrictions cautiously opening up in June.